Jib and Workstation Cranes

Industrial Maintenance Group designs, builds and installs (including all certification to NZ requirements) custom built jib cranes and other lifting equipment. Several examples shown below

Gorbel Workstation Overhead and Jib Cranes:

For safe and easy handling of loads up to 2000kg, Gorbel overhead bridge and jib cranes are the ideal solution for your lifting requirements.
Advantages include:

  • Systems are well proven in industry
  • Perfect for avoiding lifting injuries
  • Gorbel’s unique enclosed track design means unsurpassed ease of movement  –  a 1000kg load can be pushed with only 10kg of force
  • Available as bridge cranes (ceiling or freestanding), or jib cranes (wall mount or freestanding)
  • Various options for electric hoists and lifting speeds available
  • Modular, durable and tough, suitable for high duty cycles
  • Easy to install and relocate
  • Cost effective

Bridge Cranes Freestanding and Ceiling:

  • Options for freestanding (bolted to the floor) or ceiling mount (attached to the structure of the building)
  • Capacities up to 2000kg
  • Available spans to 9.1m
  • Bridge lengths to 10.3m for floor mounted
  • Gorbel enclosed track allows unsurpassed ease of movement

Monorail options also available (a single runway normally ceiling mounted and a hoist)

Jib Cranes: Freestanding & Wall Mount

  • Capacities up to 500kg for freestanding and 2000kg for wall mount
  • Spans of up to 4.8m
  • Freestanding offers 360° rotation, wall mount offers 200° rotation

Gorbel enclosed track and roller bearings allow unsurpassed ease of movement.

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